I will now be taking bookings for child and family photography in Dublin, Ireland.

My husband got offered a job in Dublin last year. We arrived a few months back, and things were just crazy, it took us a long time to get settled. We are finally settled and I am ready to take on some new clients in Dublin. The last 6 years or so were spent in Johannesburg, South Africa, photographing children and families full time. I miss all my clients, many of them now friends, so much. I really hope to build those kind of relationships here in Dublin now. I will still be visiting Johannesburg every year to photograph and catch up with friends and family.

If you are interested in a family shoot please contact me on (0871704433) I will having some great specials during the first few months. Alternatively, you can email me: claudine.cook@gmail.com

Here is my facebook page.


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